Compare Internet Providers: DSL vs. Dial-Up

When looking for Internet service, it's easy to get overwhelmed by the amount of providers in your area. If DSL and dial-up are two services you want to compare, it's helpful to keep a few things in mind, like Internet speeds, equipment and availability.

Compare DSL and dial-up: Internet speeds

Download and upload Internet speeds are a huge factor when choosing an Internet service. So when you compare Internet speeds, who comes out on top - DSL or dial-up?

Dial-up is a seasoned veteran in the Internet world. Dial-up speeds unfortunately haven't increased as time has passed. Typically, a dial-up connection is a last resort because the speeds are not fast enough to compete with those of DSL or cable.

DSL offers speeds that far surpass dial-up Internet service, with download speeds of 2Mbps onwards to north of 40Mbps depending on the provider. Maximum dial-up speeds are typically around 56 kbit/s.

Part of the reason that DSL offers superior speeds to dial-up is the equipment.


Some people think that because DSL and dial-up both use phone lines that the equipment structure is the same.

Dial-up uses your phone line to get you online, but in doing so monopolizes the connection. While online, a phone call can't come through, and you can't make a phone call without bumping your Internet connection offline.

A DSL connection uses a phone line, but uses technology that expands the phone line. This way you can get a broadband connection without having to choose between the phone and the Internet. With a DSL connection, you can use both at the same time.

Coverage area

Availability is essential when deciding which Internet provider is right for you. One of the reasons that dial-up is still around is because it's available everywhere. A dial-up connection is affordable Internet for rural areas, but the low price also comes with slow speeds.

DSL coverage is also widely available. One main difference you'll see when you compare Internet providers is that DSL providers have a local office from which your service stems. Because DSL service relies on these offices, it isn't typically offered in extremely remote areas.

Mobility and convenience

One of the perks of having an Internet connection is having the freedom of a wireless Internet connection. It's helpful to compare Internet speeds, but it's also helpful to compare the potential of your Internet connection.

. While dial-up is convenient for people living in rural areas, it does have limits. Dial-up only accommodates one user on one computer at a time. A DSL Internet service has the potential to go wireless, making it even easier for multiple users to get online at once from anywhere in your home.

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