DSL Internet: Bundle DSL Services for Savings

DSL Internet is a great choice for downloading, uploading, browsing and everything in between. When you want affordable, fast and functional Internet service, choose DSL.

Home phone and TV from your DSL provider are also great services for anyone looking for a well-rounded bundle.

Top DSL features

Great Internet service wouldn't be complete without great features. DSL offers features like:

  • Quick and easy installation. DSL Internet offers a user-friendly installation that you can do yourself in less than 30 minutes with a self-installation kit. However, your provider can handle the installation for you if you prefer.
  • 24/7 technical support. Even if you are a tech-savvy person, sometimes you have questions about your Internet service. If you ever have a question about your Internet connection, a support team is available day or night to assist you.
  • TV online.Sometimes pulling out your laptop is the easiest way to catch a quick TV show before bed. Choose to add TV online to your DSL service and watch shows and clips from more than 250 networks and providers, for free.

DSL is a great choice for fast and functional Internet service. Call now to get all the advantages of DSL.

One way to take advantage of DSL Internet is to bundle it with other services.

Getting to know DSL Provider home phone

You rely on your cellphone as your alarm clock in the morning, as a way to check your email and even as a way to keep track of your diet. However, a cellphone doesn't have the dependability that a home phone does.

Home phone from your DSL provider is a reliable means of communication for you and your family. People say that a kitchen is the heart of a home. A home phone is the heart of your family. A home phone service gets you through power outages, severe weather and family emergencies.

Features like Call Rejection keep unwanted telemarketers away, while Call Forwarding ensures you never miss an important call.

Getting to know your DSL Provider's TV

Watching TV is a great way to unwind after a long day, a short weekend or whenever you have free time. TV from your DSL provider turns your precious downtime into entertaining me time.

Some people prefer to match movies, others love TV series and many take refuge in sports coverage. DSL Provider's TV service offers options to satisfy every interest.

Call now to get DSL Internet, home phone and TV service!

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